A Modern Day Boston Marriage Goes Legal

For centuries, women have been living together in romantic relationships that they have kept hidden, finding it safer to keep it amongst themselves than deal with the ratifications of coming out in a lesbianphobic society.

In the 18th Century there were a group of upper middle class women who lived together as couples. Their financial security allowed them to be self-sufficient instead of needing a man for their very survival. While the real nature of their relationship was kept between themselves – from a modern lens – we can see these women lived as lesbians – in committed, life-long romantic relationships with another woman. These arrangements were called “Boston Marriages” or “Romantic Friendships” and were rather cache in their day because it was assumed that there was nothing sexual between – just some innocent. All that changed with the modern sexologist movement and Freud’s discovery that women enjoyed and needed sex.

Ladies of Llangollen

Ladies of Llangollen

Recently, we had a very brave couple – Alice “Nonie” Dubes, 90, and Vivian Boyack, 91 – that decided, after much  thought, to come out to their community by getting legally married in a state that had recently passed same-sex marriage.  They had been together and kept the real nature of their relationship hidden for 70 years.

vivian and alice

Vivian Boyack and Alice “Nonie” Dubes

image via Quad-City Times

The beautiful and touching video below describes their life together – how they met and why after 70 years they decided to get married and therefore declare to the public their love for each other – it doesn’t get better than this!!