Advent of Christianity (Part 1)

The Roman Empire was in power for roughly eight hundred years as a war-oriented, violent, and brutal empire, not to mention misogynistic and homophobic. Although the Roman Empire ruled for so long with this kind of mindset, there was some discontent within the culture, and this discontent was spiritual in nature. The problem arose from the fact that the culture at the time had a lot of gods and goddesses and, as some reports say, there came to be too many. It was difficult to keep track of so many gods and goddesses in this polytheistic social world and it was no longer satisfying for the people in that culture.

So, as we know, at the beginning of the Common Era, Jesus was born and this marked a fresh turn for the culture of the time so that it segued from polytheism to monotheism, which is the belief of one god rather than many gods. For the first time, Jesus spoke of love, and he did it in a way that taught lessons about being more empathic towards others. This idea or method was brought to Rome by St. Paul and got a hold within the culture there, but the transition to Christianity was nevertheless hard as many early Christians were killed and tortured.

However, Constantine, the emperor of the Roman Empire at the end of its term, got a hold of the religion and studied it towards the end of his life. Essentially, he is the one who turned the Roman Empire to Christianity and died shortly after declaring the official Christian religion. Unfortunately, what came with this transition was the misogyny and homophobia of previous times.

Stay tuned for the next video segment, in which you’ll hear about the four fathers of Christianity and more about how the LGBT culture was shaped and influenced!