Lesbian Love Method

I would love to help you find the Love of Your Life Fast!

In my Masterclass you’ll learn how to remove the obstacles that are keeping You from finding TRUE love with a healthy, loving , available woman that you have a GREAT time with!

If you’re tired of the endless merry-go-round, crazy drama dating, going for unavailable women and you’re ready to start getting real results, then I have the course for you.

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This is what can happen after working my program:

Feel confident and able to go get out there and meet Ms. Right

Find the love of your life

Learn how to build trust and safety while dating and then building a new healthy relationship for the first time

Experience Self-Love in a new way and paving the way for everlasting love with someone else

Still keep your full life of friends, family, career and hobbies while nurturing your new relationship and practice RADICAL self-care

Here’s who I help:

Women who love women and are extremely motivated

Single women who are tired of the dating, serial monogamy roller coaster ride that has been your life

Lesbian, bi and queer women who are ready to take their love life to the next level

Willing to do whatever it takes to remove all the obstacles that keep them from finding the ONE and ready to commit to changing their life so they can start living the life of their DREAMS NOW

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Program Overview


Week One:  How our Childhood Relationships Get in Our Way

Week Two: A Deep Dive in How our Attachment Styles Affect our Romance

Week Three: Understanding How our Nature Influences It All. We’ll go into depth About the Female Brain and How it Affects How We Relate and How We Can Feel More in Control

Week Four: Explore How and Why Lesbian, Bi, Queer, Trans and Misogynistic Trauma, Shame and Invisibility Impacts Self-Esteem and the Ability to Find and Maintain True Love

Week Five: Tools on How to Heal all the Trauma and Shame so That You Can Manage your Relational Lives Differently and Manifest Love.

Week Six: We will Learn How to use these tools to manifest Your Soulmate so That You can Find lasting love that is healthy, loving, passionate and sustainable.

Week Seven: Teach Transformative Ways of Relating to the One When You Find Her. What does Healthy Relating and Healthy Relationships Actually Look Like?

Week Eight – Dating Plan and How/When to Move to Commitment. A Deep Exploration is Taken on How to Engage in Healthy Dating and Moving to Commitment After all the Inner Work and Clearing has Taken Place and Who You Attract and are Attracted to is Shifted

In Depth Weekly lessons online – One on One with Dr. Lauren – Group Discussion – Homework


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