How to Thrive in an Anxious World

Today there are too many ways to get caught up in worry and anxiety. Political polarities, problems and corruption, women’s, racial, and LGBTQ inequality, unending wars, detrimental climate issues, unstable stock markets, and now another fast-spreading worldwide virus.

Studies show that anxiety and addictions are on the rise in wealthier countries in general. Multiple studies are trying to find the answers to why anxiety is on the rise in the U.S.  Add a deadly virus, the 24-hour news cycle, the threat of another economic collapse and sanity can really get away from us. This is when it is more important than ever to do your inner work. While we can do things to keep us healthy and protected from getting the virus, not get caught in the stock market fluctuations, and focus on parts of politics and the climate you can change, we also need to do things internally that protect us from being destroyed by fear. Fear in all of this is the most dangerous of it all.

Fear can run the most resilient of us to the brink of insanity. It is an equal opportunity employer. Some of it is genetically derived and some of it is neuronal pathways run amuck. Thankfully there is a way out of it as our neuronal pathways are fluid and adaptable and designed to move towards health when given the opportunity. If you need to seek some medical and naturopathic advice first to see if medications or supplements will help than I always suggest that in addition to doing inner work.

The below will help all of us get through these uncertain times together – the more of us that stay resilient, present and healthy the better off you, your family, and our entire planet will be:

  • Read news from only reliable sources (aka – unbiased). Limit your exposure to the news – our 24-hour news cycle is a big part of our anxiety problems today. It lives, quite literally, off of feeding fear. I always advise all my anxious clients to avoid the media.
  • Stay aware of what you can control – like your hygiene and SM use.
  • Don’t do anything rash unless canceling a trip is the right thing to do.
  • Watch when fear creeps into your mind and use your wise mind to watch it do its thing – then work on not getting sucked in and if you do get sucked in celebrate the moment you notice the mindless fear chatter again. These are big victories towards mindfulness and staying present.

Facing your fear head-on is one of the best tools to awakening. Once you start the process of seeing fear for what it is – an emotion that is a corrosive and relentless energy vampire – you can begin to get rid of it forever bringing to your life a more enlightened way of thinking and a more conscious state of being.

With much love and light,

Dr Lauren