Lilith of Mesopotamian Mythology (Part 2)

We can explore the story of Adam and Eve from the Old Testament to see the message that it sends to women and society as a whole; the myth that we’ve heard for thousands of years is that women were taken from the rib of a man and that woman was created by God in order to give Adam a partner.  This gives the implication that women could not arise independently and needed the presence of man to exist.

Another alarming component of the Adam and Eve myth is that Eve’s decision brought about the downfall of mankind; she was the one who spoke to the devil (who was disguised as a snake) and made the decision of biting the apple to get information. Women have since bared the burden of Eve’s decision, and Eve’s choices, in turn, perpetuates the misogynistic and damaging idea in western culture that women are the “problem” and are inferior to me.

The Adam and Eve myth is a component of the misogyny that women experience today and also contributes to homophobia, lesbianphobia, and other phobias tied to the LGBT community.