Women’s Empowerment


The world is full of messages that keep that women down and most of us don’t even know how, when or why they are happening. One of my greatest passions is to bring awareness to these social constructs that become psychological traps over time. It is these covert and internalized unconscious messages that keep you from truly living in your power and fulfilling your dreams.

Messages that girls and women are less important that boys and men start eroding our self-esteem at a very early age. It is impossible to know how much you have been affected by society’s definition of what is worthy and valuable as these messages are hidden and absolutely everywhere. This type of work can help undo those messages and create a way of being in the world that feels true and authentic for you. This process will enable you to live up to your highest potential!

Through warmth, honesty, and psychological understanding, I can help you become the master of your own destiny. I am deeply committed to empowering women. I want to help you break free from any trauma that keeps you from connecting to your highest self.

I do this by:

Recognizing core patterns that were developed during childhood and adolescence and bringing those into consciousness where they can be identified, recognized, understood, and healed.

  • Once more awareness is developed –tools can be created that combat those core patterns in effective ways.
  • Together we will co-create a tool box that allows you to take your power back by freeing you from old habits that are draining, ineffective, and/or retraumatizing.
  • A renewed sense of energy, confidence and hope will emerge allowing you to start dreaming those dreams and making them come true.