About me

Dr. Lauren is a licensed psychologist, relationship coach, consultant, author, educator, activist, and international speaker.

She has dedicated herself to the field of LGBT-Affirmative Psychotherapy and Women’s Empowerment, and is a pioneer in Lesbian-Affirmative Therapy. 

She currently sees private clients in Beverly Hills and Woodland Hills, California, and is available for tele-therapy. Her articles have been featured in numerous mental health magazines, and she publishes a monthly written and video blog titled “Dr. Costine’s Commentary”.



Dr. Lauren has found through her own inner work and her 19 years of working with folks that digging deep into those parts of ourselves that are hidden from us and making them conscious ultimately makes one much more capable of managing the intricacies of life. This awareness eventually creates avenues towards inner peace and joy. It is our childhood traumas (both big and small), dysfunctional families, societal messages, misogyny, LGBTQ-phobias (that are external and internal) and the everyday challenges of being human that end up holding too much power over how we feel about ourselves, interact in our relationships and pursue our dreams. The kind of therapy Dr. Lauren uses with her clients helps changes their lives for the better – happiness rises, a strong sense-of-self develops, healthier relationships occur, better ways of coping with painful feelings expands, parenting becomes more enjoyable, career satisfaction increases, self-care becomes a way of life, and they figure out how to create life full of balance, meaning and purpose.  Her clients report experiencing their lives greatly improving – everyone’s dream.

Her clients report experiencing their lives greatly improving.

Dr. Lauren sees clients who are dealing with depression, mood disorders, anxiety, addictions (substances, love, food, digital), parents with adult children who suffer from addictions, women who are dealing with big and small traumas (sexual, emotional, physical), life-transitions (breakups, divorce, peri and postmenopausal, empty-nest syndrome) self-esteem, the famous inner critic and LGBTQ-issues.

Dr. Lauren sees clients in Beverly Hills and Woodland Hills. She created an online relationship-coaching program and is frequently asked to present at conferences and workshops all over the country. She also enjoys writing, teaching, and consulting for treatment centers, court-cases, and empirically based studies.


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