About Me

Lauren Costine, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, author, activist, feminist & founding member of The LGBT Specialization in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University Los Angeles. Formally the Chief Clinical Officer of Convalo Health International — the parent company of BLVD Treatment Centers and Reflections Recovery Center, she was also one of founding member of 5 of BLVD’s Outpatient Treatment Centers. Dr. Costine has dedicated herself to the field of addiction treatment, trauma recovery, women’s empowerment, LGBT-Affirmative Psychotherapy & is a pioneer in Lesbian-Affirmative Therapy. Her first book: Lesbian Love Addiction: Understanding the Urge to Merge and How To Heal When Things go Wrong is available on Amazon. To learn more about the book please visit www.lesbianloveaddiction.com. Articles written by Dr. Costine have been featured in numerous mental health magazines, she has been featured on multiple radio shows including NPR and The Huffington Post and publishes a monthly written and video blog titled “Dr. Costine’s Commentary.” Her website is drlaurencostine.com

Her foray into healing love addiction has led her to be one of the leading experts in the field on the subject. Through years of psychotherapeutic work and vis-à-vis her book, Dr. Costine clinical work on love addiction offers insight for all women, lesbians, bisexual women, queer women as well as their family and friends, and health care professionals, into the psychology of lesbian love addiction. It gives those who struggle with and suffer from love addiction ways to understand, cope, and heal from this debilitating addiction. It will give those who work with this population new tools to use to do this more effectively. Mostly, it will help lesbians understand their relationship failures and how to heal from problems associated with them, so they may grow and cultivate happier, more fulfilling connections in the future.

At Convalo Health International, Lauren was responsible for the development of multiple addiction treatment tracks (Core, Residential, LGBTQ-Affirmative, Prime Time, Family and Alumni) for the out patient and intensive out patient facilities. She supervised and managed all of Convalo’s Clinical Program Directors, was also involved in Utilization Review, documentation training, Admission’s criteria, and clinical supervision. She was in charge of writing and monitoring the relevancy of the curriculum and training manuals as modalities and theoretical development change over time thereby assuring the highest quality standards, which also includes measuring client satisfaction and lifestyle improvements in order to maintain the most appropriate facilities and securing BLVD’s reputation as a top tier treatment center.

As one of the founding members, Lauren played a pivotal role in the development and management of The LGBT Specialization in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University Los Angeles, since its inception in 2006. Besides guiding the development and implementation of the ground-breaking affirmative curriculum she has helped produce a variety of grassroots psychological cultural events aimed to promulgate LGBT-Affirmative psychological ideas for the community in an accessible way through various mediums, such as multiple events at Highways Performance Space and Gallery, the “Clothesline Project”, several books readings on campus and at A Different Light Bookstore, The Trans Teach In, The LGBT-Umoja 5-Part Series, The Sapphic Salon, and The LGBT-Affirmative Psychotherapy Conference co-sponsored with LAGPA.

Taking an LGBT-affirmative perspective, she developed such courses as LGBT History & Myth Lesbian Liberation: Finding it Through Identity, Love, and Sexuality while also teaching LGBT-Affirmative Psychotherapy, Human Sexuality, LGBT Community Action, Process I: Beginning Therapeutic Techniques, Society and the Individual, Women’s Spirituality: Lesbian and Women-Centered Reading of the Sumerian Myth–Descent of Inanna (with Judy Grahn) and Erotic Transference and Countertransference.

Lauren has also presented workshops at such conferences as American Psychological Association (2007, 2010), Los Angeles County Psychology Association (2010), Lesbian and Gay Psychology Association (2007, 2010, 2012), the Gay and Lesbian Center’s Lesbian Health Conference (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013), and Lesbian Plus 50 Organization (2011), The Writer’s Guild Association (2011), The Canyon Outpatient Services at Santa Monica (2012), Field Model Intervention Certification Workshop (2013), LA-CAMFT Networking Event (2014) and Minnesota Association of Resources for Recovery and Chemical Health (MARRCH), Keynote Speaker (2014). In November 2015 she was the Keynote for Lesbian and Gay Psychology Association (LAGPA)’s Annual Conference. In 2016, she has presented at BLVD Treatment Centers, New Method Wellness, Blue Tiger, PSRW Regional Assembly and LAGPA.